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CSX Eastbound Autorack passes CSX Westbound Intermodal at Fostoria OH

Hi everyone, Welcome to my site. I've been a railfan since I was young and have compiled a wealth of information traveling with my family on railfan trips. This site includes some of family's favorite, safe, and fun railfan locations as well as other ones I've explored personally. Pictures are also posted to let you inspect the locations in your own homes. The pictures are intended for personal or educational uses.
Selected locations have a description and/or a Location rating 1-10 with 10 being the best for easy access, good view, safety, high train activity and a number of other criteria. My spot descriptions are outlines so if you see one that interests you, dig deeper. I suggest going to as many web sites as you can on a spot before going out.

-If you are new to the hobby of railfanning these are some good items to have when on an adventure: bottled water, first aid kit, cellular phone, at least one buddy, and most important** a MAP**. -Once you've been involved for a while it helps to have: camera equipment, tripod, and portable scanner. -It is important that you stay off Railroad Property. Those are heavy, powerful machines that could easily kill a person. Sometimes the railroad puts railroad property signs that say "No Trespassing" In Spots that don't have signs use your judgment. (I stay a few yards back from the gravel bed) A tip for you is to buy a clip board and print a spread sheet on the computer. I put 5 columns. I log the engine #, where I saw it, The direction traveling and the road name. - A note to using a scanner is... In some States the use of a scanner is illegal without permission from the police or a FCC license. Those States are Michigan, Indiana, Minnesota, New York, Kentucky, and Florida. Missouri and Massachusetts are proposing laws)

Fostoria Will finally build a railfan park!
There's been talk of building a railfan platform for a long time in Fostoria. In Fall 2007 the town recieved $815,000 and raised an additional $200,000. The railfan park will be in the old boneyard property one block east of the Amtrak Station (an already popular railfan site where the B&O and NS lines cross) directly ajcent to F-tower and located between theB&O/C&O diamond and C&O/NS Diamonds.

The site is undergoing many updates & changes: more spots and pics coming soon!
 Note- be respectful to others when at a spot. Behave and be friendly. If you don't want to, then don't go railfanning. One cool thing about this hobby is sharing knowledge with others. Exchanging info is a good way to make friends and learn more about the spot your at or others you may want to visit. I encourage all of you to begin your own web sites and share your railfan knowledge to all of us railfans. Thanks Rock On and Have Fun, But be safe!